Hall Of Fame Inductees


The individuals nominated should have made a significant impact or positive influence that assures the future of our industry in the lives of generations to come.


Once nominated, an individual’s biography and photo are updated on the site, and he or she is placed in the polls for voting. At the end of the year the committee takes into consideration the votes and decides which candidates are inducted.


Those with a star (*) next to their name below were either inducted posthumously or have passed away since being inducted.


Nomination Qualifications

  • Person with integrity and passion
  • Minimum 20 years in industry
  • Someone who has developed  or invented  new technology
  • Has made contributions that resulted in change
  • Contributed to mankind’s needs in his field
  • Provided education and encouragement  with self-sacrifice
  • Changed the industry

Tom Christy*

Tom Christy was born in Cincinnati, OH.  He graduated from DePauw University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.  He went on to attend Indiana University Graduate School of Business, but his financial situation forced him to set aside his schooling and search for a job.

Tom’s calling was sales.  His first job landed him in the plastic industry at Armstrong Cork Company in New York.  It had just come out with its new line of vividly-colored plastic flooring. Over the years, Tom wound up working for several different companies.  But in 1960, when Allied Chemical purchased a small PVC pipe company, a friend contacted him and enticed him into accepting a position with the newly created plastics division.

Divisions of major corporations are often bought and sold.  The Barrett Division of Allied Chemicals, where Tom was working at the time, was “spun off” and became part of the Jim Walter Corporation’s Celotex Division.  He was named Director of Sales for that division, having merged the two companies’ sales operations into 375 sales territories nationwide.

From this position, Tom moved among different divisions of several corporations, relocating his growing family many times.  His final move landed him on the West Coast.  When he was approached to relocate his family once again, an important decision was made that would change their lives forever.  In 1976, Tom formed his own manufacturer’s representative company.

Those were slim years for Tom and his wife Mary.  Working out of their home, Mary took an active role in the business, keeping the books.  Tom and Mary had the philosophy that those who “work together and play together, stay together.”  They included their young family in the business from the beginning, by having the children work for their allowance.  All have very fond memories of their childhood.  On weekends, they would go camping.

T. Christy Enterprises, Inc., has two warehousing operations, one located in Anaheim, CA and the other in Sacramento, CA.  Tom’s children still work in the business and Tom and Mary are both still active as well; Tom as CEO and Mary as treasurer.  An avid golfer, Tom manages to find time to relax on the golf course.  They still like to camp and they now enjoy time with their three grandchildren.  Their children are passing along to the grandchildren the same philosophies and work ethics that they learned from their parents.