Our History

Irrigator Technical Training School held tradeshows starting in 2003.  Richard Daigle had been in the Green Industry for 26 years and wanted individuals in our industry not to be forgotten.   He had a dream to develop an awards ceremony and location that would honor and remember those who had worked, invented and changed the Green Industry with their contributions.   “Not to be Forgotten” was his goal.

In 2005 Irrigator Tech nominated and sponsored our first inductee.  They continued to honor individuals each year at their vendor educational tradeshow in Chino, California.  In 2007, Charles Nunley, was nominated and honored into the Green Industry Hall of Fame.  Charles, too, had a vision to  have a location where we could display the green industry equipment, and items from history .  A museum  style location to be visited by young children and all individuals who work and plan to make this industry their career.

Charles  Nunley joined Marcie & Richard Daigle to further develop The Green Industry Hall of Fame.  Charles has contributed in forming the committee we have today and the evolution of this Non-Profit organization. Continuing to honor and remember those worthy people who have spent their lifetime in service and giving back.

In 2009, Burt Sperber, Valley Crest Industries,  suggested to Richard that our awards ceremony at the fairgrounds  should be moved to a “nicer” location and suggested an evening event  in a restaurant.   Richard took that suggestion and we held our first evening event in Calabasas, California in 2010.


The Green Industry Awards are held yearly and honor inductees from many different divisions of the Green Industry.


Do you know someone who should be in the Green Industry Hall of Fame?


We greatly appreciate your donations and support as we build this wonderful organization.

2024 Induction Event

Join us on Thursday, November 7th, 2024, for a spectacular awards ceremony in Long Beach at the MOLAA.  This year we'll be hosting a dinner which will be the backdrop for our fifth annual television extravaganza on the award-winning PBS|KLCS television show, Things Green.