Hall Of Fame Inductees


The individuals nominated should have made a significant impact or positive influence that assures the future of our industry in the lives of generations to come.


Once nominated, an individual’s biography and photo are updated on the site, and he or she is placed in the polls for voting. At the end of the year the committee takes into consideration the votes and decides which candidates are inducted.


Those with a star (*) next to their name below were either inducted posthumously or have passed away since being inducted.


Nomination Qualifications

  • Person with integrity and passion
  • Minimum 20 years in industry
  • Someone who has developed  or invented  new technology
  • Has made contributions that resulted in change
  • Contributed to mankind’s needs in his field
  • Provided education and encouragement  with self-sacrifice
  • Changed the industry

Gilbert Resendez

Managing Director, Monrovia Growers


Gilbert Resendez, a long-time craftsman at Monrovia Growers, began his career with the company in 1962. After starting out in the nursery as a pruning craftsman, Gilbert went on to serve Monrovia in various other production capacities over the next 15 years, before moving into a sales position. Once in sales, Gilbert quickly rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he helped build Monrovia’s sales force into what many consider the best trained and most knowledgeable in the industry. From there, Gilbert was again promoted. This time to Executive Vice President, where he spent 10 years before his promotion to Monrovia’s President in 2004. Gilbert served as company President from 2004-2007. Today, Gilbert serves as Monrovia’s Managing Director where he contributes in an advisory role in operations and long-term planning.

Throughout his career, Gilbert has helped introduce superior new plants to the industry, several being his own discoveries, with the goal of providing gardeners exceptional plants that will flourish in their gardens. Under Gilbert’s leadership, Monrovia sharpened its focus on working with independent retailers, including supporting Monrovia’s unique branding program consisting of packaging, detailed labeling and other information resources that help gardeners get the best results with their plants. His professional affiliations include membership in the American Nursery and Landscape Association, California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, and the Nursery Growers of California.

Widely known for his tremendous knowledge and love of plants, his interest in natives led him to become a member of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont where he served on their Board of Overseers from 1994-2000. In 2002, he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Arboretum Foundation and served as President in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, Gilbert was named Horticulturist of the Year by the Southern California Horticulture Society.

Gilbert lives in La Verne, California, with his wife, Teresa. They have three children and two granddaughters.