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Margot Boyer

Board Of Directors

Margot Boyer emigrated from the UK in 1998 with her family having worked for GE Healthcare.


She has organized many conferences, social events and tradeshows in several different industries.


She worked for Landscape Communications for nearly ten years in the capacity of Human Resources/Office Manager, and in the latter years, appointed to the position of Show Manager for the Landscape Expo.


Margot is extremely proud to have been able to grow and promote the Landscape Expo from around six hundred attendees to around four thousand attendees, and has become well known in the landscape industry.


Margot is now working for several entities in the capacity of sales such as Nick Federoff (Known as America’s Most Listened to Gardener), Irrigator Tech, and the CLCA.


She is very excited to be part of this growing industry event and hopes to help make this enormous and very famous throughout the country as envisioned by the founders!