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Chris Davey

Board of Directors

Chris Davey is an irrigation industry veteran with over 40-years of service and experience.  Starting-out working at the ‘business-end’ of a shovel in the mid-nineteen seventies, Chris worked for a Southern California landscaping company while attending Cal Poly Pomona.  After graduating, Chris was recruited by Rain Bird, Glendora, CA, where he enjoyed over 16 years of service in product management and marketing positions in their residential and commercial irrigation division.  After earning an MBA degree from the prestigious Drucker Business School at Claremont Graduate University, Chris transitioned to AG irrigation working for Agricultural Products, Inc. (API) where he stayed for 9 years eventually moving up the ranks to serve as API’s President.  


When API was acquired by Jain Irrigation (USA) Chris transitioned once again, this time to consulting work where he helped the then start-up Irrigator Technical Training School develop their curriculum and collateral material.  Chris also consulted for Walla Walla Sprinkler (Nelson Irrigation) working closely with distribution and contractors introducing and developing the market for the MP Rotator multi-stream, multi-trajectory nozzle.  At the same time, and with his business partner, Chris also opened three “Business Assistance” storefronts providing local companies with services including training materials, brochure development, public relations, printing, fulfillment, and other marketing support.


In the mid-2000’s, Chris accepted a position in the Plumbing industry as VP, Sales & Marketing for Arrowhead Brass Products (ABP) which also owned Champion Irrigation Products.  A successful 9 year stint in ‘Plumbing’, however, lead Chris back to his roots in ‘Irrigation’ where he now manages the hydraulic (think water goes through it) irrigation product line for The Toro Company.  A long-time resident in Southern California, Chris and his family live in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains where he enjoys native plant gardening, running, camping and kayaking.