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Charles Nunley

Founder Emeritus

Charles Nunley was born in Los Angeles, Ca. He attended local school, eventually studying both printing and landscape gardening at Los AngelesTradeTechnicalCollege. He later attended Los AngelesCityCollege, first as a student and then as an employee in the Landscape Gardening Department. Charles eventually went on to study landscape architecture at University of California at Irvine.

Charles Nunley joins California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) in 1975. In just four years he serves as CLCA Los Angeles Chapter President. In 1979 Nunley served on the committee that created and implemented CLCA’s Certified Landscape Technician program. Nunley also served on the Apprenticeship committee (1977-79), Education committee (1980-82 chair), and Certification Chair (1990-91).

  • Nunley also served on the National Certification Landscape Technician committee Review Board (1992-94).
  • Charles Nunley was elected California Landscape Contractors Association State President in 1998, after serving on the Executive Board since 1995 as Vice President and President Elect.
  • Year 1997 Nunley was honor with the special title of “Sir” by the CLCA Woman Auxiliary. He was knighted. His title now is “Sir Charles Nunley, Knight of the Garter”.
  • Nunley was given the Allegiance Award in Hawaii, at the Annual Convention, year 2000. This award is given to a member who has continued dedicated services to CLCA for more than fifteen years.
  • Charles Nunley also has the title of Chapter Ambassador. Nunley received this title from his Chapter because Nunley visited many Chapters and events in the State.
  • Nunley has and continued to service on the Certification Landscape Technician committee, he has never miss a CLT’s testing in California, from the start. (1983 – 2008 )