Green Industry Hall of Fame

Our mission is to honor and preserve the contributions of those

exceptional individuals who have served the Green Industry

Nominations are Open for 2021 Green Industry Hall of Fame Inductees!

Do you know someone who has been in the Green Industry for over 20 years and has contributed to making significant changes that impact the industry in a positive way?  Nominate them for induction into the Green Industry Hall of Fame!  Click here to learn the induction criteria and to submit your nomination online.


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Do you know someone who should be in the Green Industry Hall of Fame?


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2021 Induction Event


Join us on Monday, November 15, 2021, for a spectacular awards ceremony at the Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar.  This year we'll be hosting a luncheon which will be the backdrop for our second annual television extravaganza that will air 9AM, Saturday, November 27, on the award-winning PBS|KLCS television show, Things Green. Stay tuned for more details and registration in the coming month.